CoPhysics Corporation provides radiological instrumentation, laboratory analysis, site assessment, and consulting services as well as related scientific software products to industry, medicine, and government.

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Radiological Services

CoPhysics offers the following services:

Sample Analysis including gamma spectroscopy, alpha and beta spectrometry, low-level tritium counting, and gross alpha/beta counting. Media analyzed include soil, water, vegetation, bioassay, air filters, wipe tests, leak tests, and other materials. Certain in-field analyses can be provided where immediate results are desired.

Instrumentation Services including the repair, calibration, installation, and rental of radiological instrumentation. Calibrations are performed using NIST-traceable alpha, beta, and gamma sources according to standard methodology in ANSI N323 and NCRP 122. Specialized, custom-designed instrumentation can be supplied, including miniature pipe detectors, gamma logging detectors, or scale monitors. Rentals of survey meters, liquid scintillation counters, and other instruments are available.

Radiological Consulting and Training - development of safety manuals, operating procedures, materials management programs, licenses, permits, and training programs.

Site Radiological Services offered at client facilities include:
- Radiological Assessment (including MARSSIM surveys and data analysis);
- License Close-out; Laboratory Surveys;
- Identification of unknown materials;
- Environmental sample collection;
- Gamma logging;
- Air flow measurements;
- Sealed source testing;
- Portal monitor calibration.

Software Products - Microsoft WindowsTM-based software is available for inventory and waste control, quality assurance, and map-based data collection (SitePad™) for area surveys.

Special Research and Development - Special projects performed by CoPhysics have resulted in new, innovative radiation detection instruments and software that have solved many clients' unique problems. We have solved problems such as alpha detection in high-beta fields, fuel detection in high gamma fields, dose-extrapolation computer algorithm, and in-situ sub-surface spectroscopic analysis. If standard methods have not been successful or cost-effective in solving your environmental data management or radiation detection problems, call CoPhysics to discuss possible solutions.

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SitePad Field Data Collection and Mapping System

SitePad Example Screen

SitePad is a software system designed for portable, pen-based computers to record field measurements and observations bound to maps or drawings. SitePad eliminates the need for handwritten data sheets, data reentry, and carrying site maps (i.e., blueprints) in the field. The computerization of survey data also allows more efficient archiving and retrieval of historical data as compared to a paper record keeping system. SitePad has numerous other features and functions to make data collection as easy and rapid as possible. Example uses include radiological or hazardous chemical surveys, regulatory or maintenance inspections, and other technical field-survey applications.

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Certifications and Licenses

Broad Scope Radioactive Materials License (Z1-98)

Health Physicists Certified by the American Board of Health Physics

Standardization is Traceable to the National Institutes of Standards and Technology (NIST)

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